Why Brand Building Is A Bad Idea For Your Hypnotherapy Practice

The first clue to an advertising expert who can’t sell
is a lot of conversation about image.

     – Gary Halbert, Copywriter & Direct Marketing Consultant

Small business can not afford to engage in building ‘brand awareness’.  Literally can not afford it.

Big corporations spend billions of dollars every year trying to get consumers to fix their logo in memory in the hopes that when it comes time to make a purchase because you know the logo, you will buy.

You see these ads all the time, and if you’re like me, many of them leave you scratching your head and wondering what the hell the product is they are selling.  There’s no talk of the benefit I get from buying the product, and often these days they don’t even discuss the features.  And they pay some ad agency millions for these things.

For those who sell advertising space in newspapers, radio, and especially television this has been an economic bonanza.
 It’s all about repetition is their mantra.  Call any newspaper advertising rep and they will tell you that it’s not possible to run an ad just once and make any money.

Nope.  They tell you some mumbo jumbo about having to run the ad 10, 15, 30 times, and then you’ll begin to notice some results.

It’s a pile of horse droppings, but it does sell a lot of advertising.

You as a hypnotherapist can not survive if you attempt to use this kind of advertising.  You will go broke long before the advertising reps get tired of telling you to just renew for another 6 months and  surely clients will show up.

Big corporations can afford to be stupid and waste money, you can not.

So here’s a lesson to learn now:  If an ad doesn’t get results the first time, running it again won’t make things better.

You need to measure in detail what your Return On Investment (ROI) is for each and every ad, no matter if it’s in print, on the airwaves, or on the Internet.  If the ad doesn’t at least break even, you either change it or yank it.

Experienced marketers are constantly testing and tweaking their ads.  They know to the penny exactly how much each ad pulls.

Here’s another important lesson:  If an ad makes you money, then you run it again and again until it stops making you money.

This is a very different way of thinking, but one that will make your hypnosis business a success if you  follow it.

I’ll tell you how to test and measure your ads in an upcoming article.  Stay tuned…

While you’re waiting… go get some clients.

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