The Basic Formula for Internet Marketing Success

Internet marketing for hypnotherapists is no different than for anyone else.   It is important that before you attempt to market your hypnosis services on the Internet you understand a few basics of Internet marketing.

First, the Internet is fundamentally another form of MEDIA, like newspapers, radio, or television.  And that means that to use it correctly you need to apply solid principles of business and direct response marketing.

Second, before you do anything, you need to know WHO your market is.  If you don’t know that, the best product, service, or marketing can’t help you.  Do your research first.  (I’ll cover basic research in future articles)

Third: Once you know who your market it, there is a simple formula you need to follow.  Burn this into your memory banks and when you are confused about doing business online, recall this equation and then ask yourself which part of it you are working on.


The magic Internet equation is….


This is referred to as the First Law of Internet Marketing as taught by Ken McCarthy. 

So if you are going to be successful at marketing your hypnotherapy services on the Internet, you need to become an expert at these two things:

  1. Getting traffic to your site
  2. Creating a website that converts the traffic so when prospects come to your website they take action.

Note that different type of products require a different approach.  Physical products just need to show the product, the price, and that you can be trusted and get out of the way.

For information products and services that people do not understand, that requires more long form copy to explain the details clearly.

Now as you might imagine, each of the two elements on the left side of the equation can become complex and even overwhelming.  This is why I say to remember the formula and when you find yourself feeling confused just ask yourself

"Am I working on getting traffic here or am I working on converting traffic to leads/sales".

I’ll go into depth on the ways you can drive traffic to your site, and the pro’s and con’s of each including  Pay Per Click ads (PPC), organic search listings, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), articles, ezines, banner ads, press releases and more.

I’ll also talk about how you can get your website to convert the traffic.  This is actually the more difficult element of the equation and one you never stop working to improve.  Luckily you’ve got me to teach you some basics of copywriting and how to test online.


Before I go, I want to point out one more thing about this equation.  Depending on your situation, a small tweak to either traffic or conversion can make a HUGE difference in profits.

If you have a website that converts 50% of all leads, a small increase in traffic can result in a huge increase in profits.  If you’re site converts that well you can also afford to spend money to get more traffic, as long as it’s qualified traffic.

Conversely if you already have a lot of traffic coming to your site daily, like 1,000 visitors a day, then a 2% increase in conversion would mean 20 more sales a day.  If each sale was worth $20 in profit, that 2% change in the magic formula means $400 a day more in profits.

In case you think that 1,000 visitors a day is not possible, I know of two people personally who get at least that much traffic to their hypnotherapy and hypnosis websites.  Cal Banyan ( and Wendi Friesen (

The Internet as a business medium is less than 10 years old.  If they can do it, so can you.

Now go get some clients.

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