Hypnosis Marketing Podcast #2 – The 4 Biggest Marketing Mistakes

This podcast takes a look at the 4 biggest and most common marketing mistakes hypnotherapists make.

I cut the time down on this one to just over 20 minutes, and made some changes based on the feedback I received. The quality of this recording is way better than last time thanks to Apple and their FREE recording studio called Garage Band that comes with every Mac.

I am very impressed at what an amazing application Garage Band is. As I get better at using it, you will enjoy radio broadcast quality recordings.

And now that I am over the learning curve ramp up, I’ll be putting out podcasts on a more regular basis. At least twice a month.

So grab this one and have a listen. Let me know how you like the new format in the comments below. Also if you have any topics you would like me to cover, leave me a message in the comments.

Remember you can listen to the podcast right here on my blog or you can download it and listen on your Ipod or favorite MP3 player.



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