How To Get Great Testimonials

Imagine having an army of enthusiastic people saying how amazing your hypnotherapy programs are.  How easy would it be to attract the kind of clients you want to work with, if you had such an army available when ever you needed them?  Easy as falling off a log!

However, a simple check of the marketing materials used by most hypnotists will show little or no use of testimonials.   If you are guilty of not using testimonials in EVERYWHERE in your marketing, you are making life difficult for yourself. 

It’s always better to have other people say how great you are.  Read my previous article "Why Hypnotherapists Must Use Testimonials In Your Marketing" to learn why.

How do you get testimonials in the first place?

The simplest way to get testimonials is to ASK!

This may seem obvious, but when I’m working with my coaching clients it’s all too common that they don’t ask.  People who have had a positive experience with you will almost always be delighted to give you a testimonial when you ask.

If you don’t ask, they rarely think about it.  After all, when is the last time you sent a business an unsolicited testimonial?  People are busy, and they don’t understand how valuable a testimonial is to your business.

The best time to get a testimonial

The best time to ask about a testimonial is when your client tells you about the great results they are experiencing. 

When they are gushing to you about how great they feel, or how much weight they have lost, simply ask them "Can I use your comments to help other people understand how they can have the same results?"

What if they don’t feel like they can write a great testimonial?

There are many people who don’t feel like they can write well enough to provide you a great testimonial. 

Others are just too busy, they really want to provide one, but this stops them from doing it.

Here are 3 strategies you can use to help them:

  1. Write down their comments when they call you or talk to you in person.  Tell them how thrilled you are and say "would you mind if I wrote down what you just said and send it to you for your approval to use on our website?"
  2. Make an audio recording.   There are two ways to do this…  you can keep a small digital recorder handy and just ask them to repeat what they told you.   Another way is to have them call a leave a message on your answering service.  You can use the audio on your website, and/or you can transcribe their comments and send it to them for approval.
  3. Make a video recording.  Have a camera on a tripod handy and ask them to give their testimonial for the camera.  Video is easy to use on websites now, and can also be made into a DVD sent out as part of a package when people inquire about your services.

In each case, make sure you get WRITTEN permission to use the testimonial, and keep that in a safe place.  Always document the comments you get and use from third parties.

Cool SECRET to more effective testimonials

First I have to give credit here for this idea to my friend and Google Adwords mentor, Perry Marshall (

The cool secret is this… when you get an e-mail testimonial, take a screen shot of it, and insert it into your sales page or testimonials page.  See below for an example of a testimonial I received after my presentation at the National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention in August.

It was sent to me by Dolores Merrell (  I use a very simple tool to do the screen shot called Jing (  Jing is free, easy to use, and works on both Mac and Windows.

Testimonial received in email

This image is PROOF the testimonial is real.  This is very important, as believability online is at an all time low.  It also gives you documentation in case you delete the email, and the image attracts the eye more than another block of text.

More about testimonials coming up soon.  In the meantime, ASK all your clients to give you one.  It can be as simple as sending out an email.

As W. Clement Stone was fond of saying… Do it NOW!

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