How To Get FREE Celebrity Video Testimonials For Hypnotherapy

If you are not using news media, celebrities, and video in your marketing, you are leaving money on the table.

Below is a brilliant example of all three that anyone (and that means YOU) can easily do.

This video features Matt Damon, a well known movie star, telling people how Hypnosis is the reason he was able to stop smoking.  He had a hell of a habit too, multiple packs a day for years

Watch the video and then I’ll point out how one very smart hypnotist leveraged it for his marketing




So let’s analyze why this little clip is so powerful.

The Star Power Effect

This video shows 4 MAJOR Celebrities that have all used hypnosis to successfully stop smoking.  People are fascinated by celebrities and will follow their lead. 

That means they will put aside their fears about hypnosis, they will change their beliefs about hypnosis being effective, and for some, they will schedule an appointment just because one of their favorite celebrities went to a hypnotist.

This is nothing new.  You can find businesses in the United Kingdom that were given favored status by a king or queen hundreds of years ago.  They still carry the label on all their marketing, because if it’s good enough for the queen, it must be the best.


The News Effect

This clip was shown on Entertainment Tonight, which is perceived as a ‘news’ show.  You could easily argue it’s not news, but you’d be missing the point. 

As long as other people think it’s news, a story like this carries a lot of credibility and that credibility is carried over to hypnosis.

And when you put this clip on your website, that same credibility is transfered on to you and your practice.


As Seen On TV!

People will believe a thing if they see it on TV.  At least in America seeing something on TV makes it believeable. 

Now with the advent of YouTube, Google Video, Blip TV and other video sharing sites, you can re-use TV clips like this easily.  It’s just a matter of cut-n-paste, or getting your web designer to do it for you.

One warning, be careful of uploading copyrighted content on these sites without permission.  Ask your attorney if you are not sure of the laws about content.

The Clever Hypnotist

Now pay attention.  This will be a lesson in getting a ton of leads without spending much money.  The hypnotist featured in this clip did two things that were really smart:

  1. He added his website at the end of the video
  2. He put this video on YouTube

By doing this, he took a million dollars worth of free publicity and made it worth at least another million.  The problem with pubicity is, it doesn’t last long.  Like Andy Warhol’s idea of "15 minutes of fame".

But by putting his web address on the clip and putting it on YouTube, three things result:

  • LONGEVITY – It is available for replay forever
  • VIRAL – Other people will put the clip on their site (as I did) or tell others about it in email
  • LEAD GENERATION – thousands of people will visit his website to learn more


Now… ask yourself, how can I use this as part of my marketing?


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