How To Get Endless Referrals With A Simple Phone Call

I’ll bet you’re curious how this is possible, to get an endless stream of referrals from a simple phone call?  C’mon admit it, it’s okay.

Well first of all, it’s not what you might think, this doesn’t involve you calling everyone you know to ask them to send you business.

Just the thought of that kind of makes you feel like a telemarketer doesn’t it? 

And it’s no fun being on the other end of that phone call either.  Sure you want to help people you know, but it can feel like you’re being pressured.

Solid marketing is about ATTRACTING business, not CHASING it.

So how can you ‘attract’ business with a phone call?  Simple.  It’s actually mind bogglingly simple (to borrow a phrase from Douglas Adams).

You, as someone who is in the business of improving lives.  As someone who does changework, and therapy, your clients are your paramount concern.

You are a healer.  You wouldn’t be in this business if you didn’t care.

So it baffles me why this simple phone call isn’t made ALL the time.

It’s called a FOLLOW UP call.  It’s where you call to see how your client is progressing.  To see if they have any follow on questions.

It will blow your client’s mind, because no other professionals do this.

Think about it, when was the last time a doctor, dentist, or even chiropractor called to check on you 2-3 days after your visit?

It has NEVER happened to me.  Ever!

Your client will be so IMPRESSED at the level of service you provide they will go out of their way to refer people to you.

Here’s how I would do a call like this:

  1. Hi (client name), this (your name)  I just wanted to see how you were doing
  2. Do you have any further questions for me about anything we did?
  3. One more thing, I’d really appreciate your feedback, is there anything about my practice you think I could make better?
  4. Thank you for your time, I’m so glad to hear things are going well for you.  If you ever have any question please contact me at… (your preferred means of client contact)

Now that client is going to feel like they got A+ service from a hypnotist that really cares, and they feel listened to, since you asked for feedback on their experience as a client.

You get a fan for life who will refer anyone they can think of who would benefit from your services.  They will do this without you ever having to ask, and you get some of the best marketing data possible when they answer question #3.

Be sure to measure this by asking "how did you hear about us?" to every new client you get.   And be sure you send ANYONE who provides you a referral a handwritten Thank You card.  I don’t need to explain why do I?

Now go get some clients.


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