Google To Offer Coupon Service To Local Businesses For FREE!

The BIG news in the world of Direct Marketing today is that Google will be offering a FREE coupon service to local businesses.  There is a full article in USA Today titled "Google to host small business coupons"

This is big news for a couple reasons:

  1. This is going to be HUGE competition for newspapers, the traditional place to put local coupon marketing campaigns.

  2. Google increases the value of the coupon by putting it next to the location of the business on Google Maps.  If you haven’t taken a look at what an amazing piece of technology Google Maps is, go there now and play around.  Notice how you can search on local businesses.  Now imagine a coupon there floating next to each business listing.  Powerful eh?

  3. It’s FREE!  At least it is for now, don’t bet on it staying free forever. History has taught us that when Google gets people hooked they increase the cost.  But for now, you would be crazy not to TEST this and see if it can at least get you qualified leads.  The only cost is a little of your time.  Try getting that deal with the local newspaper.

So here’s how it works, you sign up your business now to appear in Google’s local business listings.  When ever anyone searchs for ‘Hypnosis’ or ‘Hypnotherapist’  (or if you are really clever for ‘weight loss’ or ‘stop smoking’ etc.) Your business will show up on Google Maps.

Then in a few weeks, all businesses registered will get a notice that you can create a coupon that will appear next to your business name for local searches on Google maps.  Pretty cool eh?

And once again I will remind you this costs nothing!  Zip!  Nada!

Remember it’s not the one way to get 50 new clients that matters, it’s the 50 ways to get one new client that is the secret.

Use this link to register for the local business listings:  Google Business Solutions

Now go get some clients!


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