Effective Hypnotherapy Marketing Requires Good Research

One of the reasons Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists don’t get good results from their marketing and advertising is that they don’t take the time and effort to do good market research.

If you don’t know your market, how can you know what will get their attention? 

How will you know what media to use to reach them?

How will you know if they even have the money to pay you for your services?

The answer is… you don’t.  You are just guessing.

Listen, you can go crazy with research, and if you are in a hotly competive market, you’ll need to measure everything.  But as a solo entreprenuer I know your time is valuable, so here’s some basic research you can and SHOULD use.

Ask your existing hypnotherapy clients!

Your intake forms should ask for basic demographic data anyway, and you can add a few questions that give you more info you can use.

Bare minimum
Address/zip code
How they found you

Very Useful
annual income
own or rent home
value of home
local newspaper/publications read
national publications read
tv/radio shows they like
related businesses they go to (example: weight loss, they also go to weight watchers)

You want to build a profile so you get to know the person who’s coming to a hypnotist for help. 

There are two ways you can do this, either add the extra questions to your intake sheet or create a second page that is a survey.  Make it anonymous.  People are generally happy to provide information if it will help you as long as you ask nicely, explain why you are asking, and assure them it will be kept private.

Create an anonymous survey on your website

Use a service like Survey Monkey  (www.surveymonkey.com) and ask questions of your visitors.  These are mostly prospective clients, so you can get a good idea of who they are.

You can tie this in with some free giveaway, like a free report on how hypnosis works, or an mp3 of a hypnotic induction for relaxation and stress relief.

Survey Monkey has both a free and a paid version, but even the paid version at $20/month is a great deal if you use it regularly.

You’ll be amazed at what you learn from people just by asking.  And by understanding your ideal client better, you’ll have much more effective marketing.

Example of Putting Simple Research To Work

Here’s a real world example from a Man I met at a marketing conference last year.  He owns and runs a car repair shop in the Chicago area.

He collected basic data on his customers for 1 month then analyzed it.  He got a big map of Chicago and put it on the wall, and stuck a pin in for every address.

It didn’t take him long to realize that more than 80% of his business came from people that lived within a 10 mile radius.  He also found out that the average customer spends $500/year at his shop and owns a home worth between $250k and $750k (he doesn’t work on cars in the price range of Porsches or Ferraris)

How did he use this information?  He immediately stopped advertising in the Chicago papers, since that covered hundreds of square miles where he would never get any business.

He took that money and began a direct mail campaign, sending a postcard or letter, every 2 weeks for 30 weeks (15 total mailings).  His target audience is homeowners with homes valued between $250k and $750k.  He can easily buy mailing lists based on the demographics of house price and location.

Once he saturated the area, he began only mailing to new move-ins in the 5 mile radius.

He also implemented a referral program.

The results were staggering, his shop is at near 100% booking and people call to make appointments weeks out for things like oil changes and tune ups.

Your assignment for today…  think how you can learn more about your ideal client, and how you can use that information in your marketing.

Now, go get some clients.

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