Video: Copywriting Shortcut By Jay Abraham

This is a 10-minute video featuring the legendary direct marketer Jay Abraham. In this video Jay shows you how to do research for your copy by using one of the most visited web sites on the Internet.

It’s a website that you most likely have used yourself, but never thought about it as a wealth of market related data you can mine for copywriting.

I like this video because it shows you how to do research when writing copy, but it’s a good lesson in how to do market research.  The most important element of successful marketing is research on your market.

You must become a “student of markets”. Not products.
– Gary Halbert

As hypnotists, you will appreciate Jay’s mention of NLP and the two most common propulsion mechanisms people have, and how to make use of this in selling your particular service or product.

Be sure to take notes and experiment with what he shows you right away.


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