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Psychology, Copywriting and Email Marketing

I recently did a 2-part interview for Born To Influence: The Marketing Show. They title they came up with for my interview is: Craig Eubanks on All Things Psychology, Copywriting and Email Marketing I must have had a lot of coffee that day because I usually don’t cover “All Things” in one interview. The host,Continue Reading

Video: Copywriting Shortcut By Jay Abraham

This is a 10-minute video featuring the legendary direct marketer Jay Abraham. In this video Jay shows you how to do research for your copy by using one of the most visited web sites on the Internet. It’s a website that you most likely have used yourself, but never thought about it as a wealthContinue Reading

Gary Halbert Video – Gun To The Head Copywriting

If you don’t know who Gary Halbert is, and you are learning how to market your business… you should.  Gary is considered to be one of the greatest copywriters of all time AND one of the sharpest direct marketing minds in the last 50 years.  Every single one of my mentors would drop everything, travelContinue Reading