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Psychology, Copywriting and Email Marketing

I recently did a 2-part interview for Born To Influence: The Marketing Show.

They title they came up with for my interview is:

Craig Eubanks on All Things
Psychology, Copywriting and Email Marketing

I must have had a lot of coffee that day because I usually don’t cover “All Things” in one interview.

The host, Esther Kiss (great name isn’t it?), assures me I was “FANTASTIC!” But you can be the judge.  Both parts are free, as are all of the episodes of the Born To Influence show.

Click below to get the podcast or watch the video.


To get the full description of what’s in my 2-part interview use this link:

Or to get the podcast from iTunes use this link:

By the way… Born To Influence was recently awarded one of the Top 5 New Podcast Shows on iTunes.  So you might want to check out the other episodes too.


Video: Copywriting Shortcut By Jay Abraham

This is a 10-minute video featuring the legendary direct marketer Jay Abraham. In this video Jay shows you how to do research for your copy by using one of the most visited web sites on the Internet.

It’s a website that you most likely have used yourself, but never thought about it as a wealth of market related data you can mine for copywriting.

I like this video because it shows you how to do research when writing copy, but it’s a good lesson in how to do market research.  The most important element of successful marketing is research on your market.

You must become a “student of markets”. Not products.
– Gary Halbert

As hypnotists, you will appreciate Jay’s mention of NLP and the two most common propulsion mechanisms people have, and how to make use of this in selling your particular service or product.

Be sure to take notes and experiment with what he shows you right away.


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Gary Halbert Video – Gun To The Head Copywriting

If you don’t know who Gary Halbert is, and you are learning how to market your business… you should. 

Gary is considered to be one of the greatest copywriters of all time AND one of the sharpest direct marketing minds in the last 50 years.  Every single one of my mentors would drop everything, travel great distances, and pay as much as $7500.00 just to listen to Gary speak for a weekend.

Below is a short sample of Gary speaking as a surprise guest at The System Seminar that has been put on the web as part of a memorial tribute.  Gary Halbert, the "Prince of Print" passed away in his sleep last week.

Enjoy this video clip.  Pay attention as he talks about "Gun to the Head" copywriting, being on target, and how the focus of any business should be to solve problems for people.

If the video doesn’t play try these alternate options:

  1. Watch it, and other Gary Halbert video clips at – Gary Halbert "Gun  To The Head Copywriting" (
  2. Watch it on – Gary Halbert Video

I also highly recommend you go to The Gary Halbert Letter website and read his newsletters.  His sons have said they will leave his newsletters site up as a memorial to their father.

UPDATE: I just found four hours of Gary Halbert Interviews you can listen to.  They are at Michael Fortin’s blog for Copywriters called Boost My Response.  Click on this link to get them  Gary Halbert Interviews.

Being Known For Everything, Is Really Nothing

No nonsense midwest wisdom.

My friend Perry Marshall is a fountain of such wisdom.

He has a knack for saying things that make complex stuff clear.

Like this gem about Niches:

“I don’t mind being pigeonholed. Hey, it’s better to be known for something than to be known for everything, which is really nothing.”
— Perry Marshall

What he’s talking about is how he is world famous for being The Adwords Guy.

In fact he’s the world’s most-quoted consultant on Google advertising.

If you ever set out to learn about using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising online… you will come across Planet Perry.

He was the first guy to teach about how to use Adwords as a way to get traffic to your website when Google first rolled out the program.

I was one of the first to buy his course.

When I still did Adwords for clients, his course made me look like a freaking genius.

Perry also taught people how to use time tested Direct Response Marketing principles so your ads attract people who are interested and ready to buy.

Being ‘pigeonholed’ as the Adwords Guy has been the BEST thing that ever happened to Perry.

It has made him the Go-To Expert in online advertising.

But… and this is VERY important… he is not stuck only doing adwords!

Fact is, the adwords niche is at most 25% of his business.

He does copywriting, coaching, & consulting. He teaches about conversion and using offline marketing methods.

In short, he gets to do all kinds of other fun, cool stuff!

Being ‘pigeonholed’ has allowed all of the other opportunities to happen.

Funny part is this, by his own admission he had to be dragged kicking & screaming into the role of  The Adwords Guy.

And, he is eternally grateful to Ken McCarthy and some of other smart folks for badgering him to do it.

There are lots of marketing gooroos, but there is only ONE Perry Marshall Adwords Expert.

And it’s been worth well over a million dollars to him and his family.

Or as Richard Nongard likes to say…

“When you Niche Down, you Get Rich!”

I HIGHLY recommend you grab a copy of Perry’s
book “Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords”.

It’s not just a book on adwords, it’s an excellent
book on how to market online.

Ultimate Guide to adwords

Headlines That Made Me Look. (I Couldn’t Resist)

I love good headlines.

At this point, my subconscious is trained to spot them. But they still work on me.

And by work I mean it makes me go look.

The really good ones make me stop everything because I just have to see what it’s all about.

This is a marketing life lesson.

If you are going to market your business and be successful, what makes people look is important.

It’s the first part of the most effective copywriting formula ever created.



Headlines get your attention. Doesn’t matter if it’s an article, a banner ad, a sales page or an email subject line.

So it’s useful to become a student of headlines.

Keep a file of them. (I have a file that is called “made me look”)

Here are some attention grabbing headlines that made me look from around the web this week.

These all have ONE thing in common.

See if you can figure it out as you read them. (Answer down below. No peeking!)


Mexican amusement park offers
fake border crossing attraction

Bear spotted running around DC

Storefront Window-Smashing Rampage

Surge in ‘digital dementia’

Man convicted for sex act with discarded couch

Woman’s Breast Implant Explodes
After Playing Game For 4 Hours On iPhone

Rare Tsunami Hits East Coast

Compost Pile Spontaneously Combusts;
Destroys Home

Suicidal man coaxed off bridge
by offer of pizza

Russia To Send Olympic Torch Into Space

The World’s Most Vice-Prone Nations

Baby Wipes Clogging Sewer Systems
In Small Minnesota Town

Ancient Egyptian Statue Moves On Its Own

Have A Broken Computer?
Pay With Sex To Have It Fixed

Facebook’s Plan To Suck Up
Even More Of Your Time

7 Surprising Household Items
That Invade Your Privacy

Derriere-flashing guest manages to upstage
cast of explicit lesbian film

California kayaker survives attack by Great White

PAYPAL wants to launch intergalactic currency


I could do an entire webinar on these headlines. Why they work and what makes them work so well.

Maybe I will someday soon.

However they all have one thing in common. Did you figure it out?

Hint: What is it that kills the cat?


These headlines make people go WTF??? or No Way! or What in the world is this about?

So they have to click through and find out what the story is all about.

That’s getting ATTENTION!

This is what you want in your marketing.